Brake Disc Drum Machine

Brake Disc/Drum Machine is a kind of disc and drum repair machine, which will achieve the purpose of repairing vehicles by skimming and cutting brake disc and drum. Brake Disc/Drum Machine is also called the Skimmer for Brake Disc and Drum, which is the ideal car repair equipment for brake disc and drum used in 4s stores, vehicle repairing shops, tyre garage shops and auto beauty shops.

Disc Drum Brake Lathe

Disc Drum Brake Lathe is a kind of vehicle repair and maintenance and combo metal lathe. With the perfect work-holders and necessary accessories, Disc Drum Brake Lathe is capable of faster, more accurate and easier resurfacing the disc and drum. Disc Drum Brake Lathe is advanced in performance and has high machining accuracy, is the desirable equipment for automobile brake drum and disc maintenance.

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