On-car Brake Disc Lathe Machine

On-car Brake Disc Lathe Machine is a kind of On-car disc machine and Brake Disc Skimming Machine , which is especially designed for small vehicles to cut, skim and repair and resurface brake rotors, such as on passenger cars, medium duty trucks. On-car Brake Disc Lathe Machine can be attached directly on vehicles for work, thus enables easier and safer car brake disc resurfacing and improves the performance of brake disc and shortens the braking distance to guarantee safer operations.

Dual-function Brake Lathe Machine For Disc

Dual-function Brake Lathe Machine for Disc belongs to the brake lathe machinery and is intended to resurface brake rotors on passenger cars, medium duty trucks. Dual-function means that Garage disc automatic brake machine supports car repairing both on and off vehicle operation, which would meet the different demands of people and makes the machine more flexible and save manpower. Dual–functions on one machine is definitely good tools for all customers.

Brake Disc Machine

Brake Disc Machine is a kind of car disc cutting and skimming machine, suitable for cars, SUVs and refitted vehicles and can work on discs with holes, grooves and locks. Iron cast machine body goes through liquid nitrogen cold and hot treatment, which makes it strong and solid and easier for work.

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