Disc Drum Brake Machine

The rugged built Disc/Drum Brake Machine is a kind of automatic brake lathe and automatic maintenance equipment for brake disc and drum, which provides brake disc and drum skimming service with a faster, more accurate, and easier resurfacing capability. Disc/Drum Brake Machine is designed to resurafce brake discs, drums and flywheels on passenger cars, medium duty trucks. An infinitely variable speed contoller means you're able to turn discs and drums faster and get one-cut micro-finish performance every time you use it. The complete lathe package includes lathe, sturdy bench, and large tool storage backboards allowing you to hang all adapters within easy reach.

Disc Drum Brake Automatic Lathe Machine

Disc/Drum Brake Automatic Lathe Machine is a kind of Metal Service Equipment for Brake Disc/Drum and Maintenance Equipment for Brake Disc/Drum, which means to be used for cutting both disc and drum. Disc/Drum Brake Automatic Lathe Machine is the garage used brake lathe suitable for repairing the disc and drum of various kinds of big, medium and small vehicles, such as bus and large trucks.

Brake Disc Drum Lathe

Brake Disc Drum Lathe is a kind of combination brake lathe, which has both disc and drum cutting purposes. Brake Disc Drum Lathe is especially designed to repair car brake discs and drums and can be used in 4s stores, vehicle repairing shops, tyre garage shops and auto beauty shops. Brake Disc Drum Lathe is a kind of Car Repair Lathe for Brake Disc/Drum and Off-Car Maintenance Equipment for Brake Disc/Drum. Brake Disc Drum Lathe will completely solve the problems of unven surfaces and dithering of brake discs and drums.

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